Glen Hocky

Former Undergraduate
University of Chicago, Class of 2009
Major: Chemistry, Math

Status update

I am currently a PhD student in Chemical Physics at Columbia University working in the Reichman Group.

Lab Life

I worked in the Freed Group from June 2006-August 2009 and I'm still working on finishing a few odds and ends. I first did some theoretical polymer work with Dr. Jacek Dudowicz. I then worked on dynamics simulations of polymers and peptides with Dr. Abhishek Jha. When Abhishek left, I was very sad, but on the other hand, I inherited his desk. I continued some of that work, while also switching over to Computation Protein Folding, which we study with Professor Tobin Sosnick. My work builds heavily on the work of Joe DeBartolo, who luckily sat next to me. For more about my research, keep reading...

I also work as our group's first line of technical support. I built this webpage, as well as its sister page On that note, special thanks to our system administrator Brent Busby. Along with another undergraduate, I designed and built a 148 Node Computing cluster for our group's usage (increasing 10x our group's in-house computing resources).

Over my time in the lab, my technical skills have been refined, and I now consider myself to have following proficiencies:


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64k cores


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